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The TG community at large is... big. It's massive, it's potentially unwieldy, and it is - at its best - close knitted. It also goes largely unnoticed by dA as a whole, and is often misunderstood.

The goal of this group is to form a place where all TG artists - writers, draw-ers, viewers, whatever you may describe yourself as - can gather together and communicate. Not only do we seek to showcase the arts and promote those still new to our community, we hope to provide a public forum where all members of this community can meet with ease.

We may have our differences, but - as this group epitomizes - we also all have something in common - we're all here to see some good TG. :)

Our chat room:…
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Feb 11, 2011


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752 Members
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Hello denizens of the TG Galaxy!
You may have noticed an extreme silence from the admins of this group. Seemingly everything that was submitted to the group got in, whether it was well drawn, poorly drawn, stolen, or not actually TG/TF. Stuff from TG Galaxy became more of a pain than anything else; clogging up your inbox with junk, and some quite frankly disturbing works.

Well, the admins have come to a decision... First off, they have added a new member, :iconairanuva:, to help with the new quality control system. If you look in the gallery, you may note that there is a lot less there; and a distinct lack of 3D rendered women with penises. This is because we want TG Galaxy to go in a new direction.
We want to improve the TG community. No more will we accept laziness for easy recognition; we want people to be elated when they see something new from the TG Galaxy, and that requires a certain level of expected quality. As such, we have new standards that are necessary for a work to be featured here.

With regards to art:

1. You must have proper anatomy.

Bit of a no brainer, but this is a gallery for alterations on the human body. Drawing a box, then drawing an hour glass with orbs attached does not proper anatomy make.
Before you argue "But my art is cartoony!" Even cartoonists use proper anatomy.
This requirement is just part of the uplifting of the community. We want quality, not quantity. Study some anatomy and you'll do fine.
In fact, here is a great resource for learning to draw anatomically correct humans via references:

(note this rule doesn't mean no abnormally large breasts or hips or whatever. It just basically means that you understand where everything is supposed to go.)

In general no full frontal/explicit nudity. Partial nudity is acceptable, just work from the rule of thumb of 'PG-13'.

2. You must include TG/TF

Again, a no brainer. Don't send us random things or junk. Specifically, your picture must involve a physical transformation of someone (that is easily identifiable), either into another gender or into another thing. There are currently categories for Non gender-swapping transformations; please make sure to put it under the right category.

This means the following will no longer be supported by the group:
-Anything else that does not include a physical change in the form of the subect(s).

3. You must have permission for the picture you are using.

Basically, if you didn't create the image yourself, commission it, or get express permission from the author, do not send it to us. Not as a single image, or with a story. Stolen images will be rejected outright.

With regards to written works:

4. All written work must be in Short Story/Full Story format (no captions)

That's right, no more captions. Any and all captions will be rejected.
You can of course still have a photo to go with the story; it just has to comply with the above rule regarding permission, and the story has to be longer than just a couple paragraphs.
Speaking of that...

5. All written work must not contain more than 3 grammar/spelling errors and must meet a minimum length requirement

:iconairanuva: will be running all story entries through a spell checker. If there are more than 3 grammatical or spelling errors (within reason; names are excluded, and sometimes the checker can't recognize properly spelled words or structured sentences), then the story will be rejected until they have been resolved. In addition, the stories must be longer than 5 paragraphs at least. If an entry in a series or a short story is shorter than that, it will be rejected.

Not too unreasonable, eh? do good work and we will have no problem promoting your work. We just won't reward laziness or the unwillingness to learn and grow with art or writing.
We want the TG community to grow, and become better. We want to elevate artists, not allow them to stagnate.
Join us, and we will improve the TG Galaxy!

Standards in condensed form:
-Proper Anatomy
-You must have permission for the picture you're using
-You must have an included TF or TG
-All written work must be in Short Story/Full story format  (no captions)
-All written work must not contain more than 3 grammar/spelling errors and must meet a minimum length requirement
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maxthepowerman Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Anybody have any idea what happened to TheTGArtist?
ZanaGB Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Depends on what do you mean with "what happened" with them. ( please do reply me in PM )
PainfulElegy Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
account deactivated; details unknown, unfortunately.
Jack-O-Lance Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hello, Jacks here with a special offer:

If you're stuck coming up with (any) ideas or the like (or if ya need any other help dealing with writing) then you can come ask me for advice/help and I'd be happy to help as best I can.....(Or at least try and point you in the right direction)..... So just ask, and I'll be happy to oblige! ;P
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11angenoir Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014
Hi thanks :)
kyoshira71 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
Hello, I have been making tg caps and stories for a while now and have decided to open up commission.

They range from as low as 25 points.

Check it out at:…

I do NSFW stuff too.
Thatonecrazyguy Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
Hey! Not sure if anyone will read this but I'm in a pickle. I read this tg story with a fascinating take on tg. A guy is depressed with his life and thinking about killing himself, but his feminine side or his subconscious sees this as a weakness and takes over his mind. This turns him into a girl and forces him into her subconscious, and she then plans to exact her revenge on the bullies who made the guy depressed. I have searched endlessly for this story but have not found it. If anyone knows this story or anything about it I would love to hear back about it. Thanks!
EmilyRees Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Can you remember any other details?
Thatonecrazyguy Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014
No that's really all I remember... The teen came home depressed from being lonely and bullied. His male side was more passive about the situation, but the female subconscious was much more aggressive. He thinks about killing himself so the female side thinks of it as a weak point and takes over, essentially absorbing his body and making it her own. He is forced into her subconscious, and she decides to exact revenge on the people responsible for the boy's depression. I think I was looking up absorption tg kind of stuff when I stumbled upon it, but it could either be on deviantart or
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