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The TG community at large is... big. It's massive, it's potentially unwieldy, and it is - at its best - close knitted. It also goes largely unnoticed by dA as a whole, and is often misunderstood.

The goal of this group is to form a place where all TG artists - writers, draw-ers, viewers, whatever you may describe yourself as - can gather together and communicate. Not only do we seek to showcase the arts and promote those still new to our community, we hope to provide a public forum where all members of this community can meet with ease.

We may have our differences, but - as this group epitomizes - we also all have something in common - we're all here to see some good TG. :)
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Feb 11, 2011


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942 Members
1,707 Watchers
574,324 Pageviews
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Frost - Hoffi's new Toyfriend by PainfulElegy
The Lockbot Twins by PainfulElegy
Rune- Solar Nymph by Airanuva
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Tales from the Cursed Pokemon App by Firingwall
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Mummy Maiden (RNG TG) [REQUEST] by DShittyAdmiral

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TG / TF: Ash + Wicke by Yunipur

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The Devil Peach pt1 by K1tty-Marshmell0w
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Strange Records [2]: page 8 by meowwithme
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The Good Witch
Ch.5 pg.91 by Hipper-Reed
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Contract - For the Toughest by PainfulElegy
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E2015 - [egg 03] - roxanne13579 - inanimate by Luxianne


Revenge TG by Salty-TG

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The Gym TG- part 2 GIF by TheTGGuy

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Deal with a Demoness: Chapter 2 :iconunorginalusername:unorginalUsername 56 4
The Funhouse 2
Greg, Darren, and Jane had just heard about some sort of weird freakout happening at the Funhouse, and decided it would be foolish not to investigate what could be so horrifying. They joked and laughed to each other to settle their nerves as they walked in the front door and made their way down the long hallway.
“Man, look at all of these doors,” Darren remarked. Each one looked exactly the same, giving a sense of orderly creepiness to the place.
“Which one should we try? I bet most of them are locked,” Jane said as she tried one of the knobs. The door opened wide, revealing a solid brick wall. She snickered as she closed the door.
“I knew it. What a cheap set.”
As they headed down the hall, a distant hum suddenly got their attention. A rhythmic hum, almost like a generator, coming from somewhere within the Funhouse. The three looked at each other with surprise.
“Where is that coming from?” Darren said.
“Look!” Greg pointed at
:iconstickysteph:StickySteph 176 49
The Funhouse
Boonville. An aptly named town, as it’s about as far in the boonies as one can get. The typical routine is one of sleep, work, sleep, any and all excitement kept to a bare minimum in this town of 2,000 people, who are mostly concerned with keeping the stoic tradition of boredom alive and well in their families.
However, for one week a year everything changes. Bright lights, laughter, and visitors from all over flock to Boonville for a single reason - the Carnival.
Not the most creatively named fest, The Carnival was host to roller coasters, Tilt-A-Whirls, cotton candy, and teenage romance. Although this gathering would be laughable by any visitor of Disneyland or Six Flags, it still provided a massively fun time for its residents, and even visitors from the city, looking to get away from their busy lives and have fun at the small town gathering.
Although the Carnival was essentially the same setup every year, there had been a new addition to the lineup. A curious old building set
:iconstickysteph:StickySteph 235 46
the birth of queen azure by Benderdruid
Mature content
the birth of queen azure :iconbenderdruid:Benderdruid 3 4
Manga Commission: Mousse into Shampoo Page 2 by jadenkaiba Manga Commission: Mousse into Shampoo Page 2 :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 506 9 Wishing for Wishes p8 by AkuOreo Wishing for Wishes p8 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 1,145 94 Master's Booby Trap by Darkoshen Master's Booby Trap :icondarkoshen:Darkoshen 213 9 ::Bimbo Overload:: by Lorddragonmaster ::Bimbo Overload:: :iconlorddragonmaster:Lorddragonmaster 1,813 131 Com: Blonde tg by TheXtra89 Com: Blonde tg :iconthextra89:TheXtra89 856 23 Wren's Makeover - Full Sequence by sortimid Wren's Makeover - Full Sequence :iconsortimid:sortimid 579 43 aladdin huge tits by bahmont
Mature content
aladdin huge tits :iconbahmont:bahmont 54 15
The Magic Lamp pg1 by Kobi-Tfs The Magic Lamp pg1 :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 403 12 The Magic Lamp pg2 by Kobi-Tfs The Magic Lamp pg2 :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 471 12 The Magic Lamp pg3 by Kobi-Tfs The Magic Lamp pg3 :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 526 2 The Magic Lamp pg4 by Kobi-Tfs The Magic Lamp pg4 :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 397 6 The Magic Lamp pg5 by Kobi-Tfs The Magic Lamp pg5 :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 442 4
I try not to involve personal affairs with my administrative duties, but there are cases where biases need to come out. Namely, my personal issues with a 'Certain' event that just tried to submit work to this group. I, along with another active mod, have come to the decision that promoting that event is not only a false show of confidence in it but also an open door to flood your messages with work of questionable quality. Given that the focus of the event is 'attention generation' above anything else, I don't want to artificially inflate their 'exposure'.

We might not be a perfect group and we have a way to go, obviously. However, the admin team tries its best to not waste members' and watchers' time.  Boosting an event strictly about 'attention' and pestering artists for free art is effectively an endorsement.

I assume responsibility for any and all consequences of this decision. My thought is that full disclosure in this context will have more of an effect than a crica 2010 rant journal.
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